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Index of all the website contents available in english:

1) Lightning Network represents a possible solution to the Blockchain scalability problem. The topic is divided in three parts:

Part I – intro to the payment channel

Part II – how the bilateral channel works

Part III – how the network works

2) Article on medium: The Good Bitcoiners Top Ten Holy Rules:

3) Article on medium: That’s why Bitcoin is superior compared to other cryptocurrencies

4) Lightning Network and Scaling Debate (UASF, Segwit2x):My 21 twitts

5) My SegWit2 “New Statement” proposal: http://www.albertodeluigi.com/segwit2x-statement/

6) Political Philosophy: my papers are published in english. Take a look at them in the section Publications!

7) Article (may 2017): Read the blog article about Litecoin




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